15 Open Source projects for JavaScript Developers

So many times I’ve seen blog posts outlining why a developer should contribute to Open Source Projects and well, no matter how many pages or lines that post is, it all sums up to one thing:

Contributing to Open Source Projects adds credibility to your portfolio.

In this post, I’ll list fifteen projects any JavaScript programmer could contribute to and would be proud to show off to employers.

Programmer System Setup
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Node.js is a javascript runtime built on chrome which extends the power of JavaScript to the back end, allowing you to create server-side code.

You could fix bugs or perhaps find a new feature you think Node.js ought to have whichever you do, it’ll still count as a contribution.

Quokka.js is a prototyping playground for TypeScript and JavaScript which allows your code to run immediately as you type allowing you to see results of your coding, easing debugging, and displaying various execution results in your IDE.

TensorFlow is a browser-based JavaScript library that allows you to train and Deploy Machine Learning Models, sounds good eh?

Vue.js is a very popular JavaScript framework in the class of React, Angular and so on, chances are you’ve heard or perhaps worked with it, what better way of showing your expertise than being a contributor, sounds pretty good to me.

React.js may be the most popular framework out there, considering the fact that it’s an integral part of one of the most popular technology Stacks (MERN), React can also create hybrid apps using React Native. Another thing you should know is that React was created by FaceBook so that’s another Resumé plus if you can pull this off.

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FreeCodeCamp is an Awesome non-profit, here anyone can learn web development, and I mean anyone(Psst, it was founded by a school teacher) so you have no excuse and their whole site is completely open-source so there are just so many things you can contribute to perhaps even add your own mini-lessons.

Electron.js is another powerful way in which JavaScript dominates the programming sphere it allows you to create cross-platform desktop apps using your basic HTML, CSS, and JS knowledge. This is one awesome framework that has birthed equally awesome apps like Discord and even Visual Studio Code.

Webpack is one awesome tool that further reduces the job of a developer. It is a bundler for JavaScript and Friends (and those friends are many, JS must be really friendly). It packs many modules into a few bundled assets. An Awesome feature called code splitting allows you to load parts of the application on demand.
Note: Even if you don’t contribute you should still try it out.

Atom, this is another eye-catcher for your portfolio as this wonderful and self-proclaimed Hackable text editor is one thing that’ll at least give your resume/portfolio a second chance in the hands of merciless recruiters.

Express.js is yet another minimalist yet powerful web framework which is also a descendant of the JavaScript family, this is another one of the key ingredients in the MERN stack.

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Gatsby is a static site generator that is blazingly fast it works alongside React to create stunning results.

React Router is another React family member and an indirect grandchild of Javascript.

Basically, React Router is a collection of navigational components that compose declaratively with your application, it works with React Native too.

Prettier is an Awesome code formatter that keeps your code, neat, well-formatted, and readable and the best part is it’s open-source.

Gulp.js is part of the family (Webpack is an uncle) that eases your development stress, it allows you to automate your workflow and avoid slow, repetitive processes (reminds me of my days of multiple copy and paste, but I digress.)

Socket.io is a JavaScript library for real-time web applications. It enables real-time, bi-directional communication between web clients and servers, what this simply means is that it allows you to talk to your server concurrently. It usually consists of a Node.js server.

That’s it for now, if you have any ideas or suggestion you could reach me out on Twitter or drop it in the comments section.

Hi, I’m Olamide or Ola, a young and aspiring Full-stack Developer I make apps most of the time and write about coding in my free time.

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